Teens and Betweens

March 15th I went to the teens and between pop-up shop as a vendor. I thought it was really  cool to see all the kids  as vendors. There were soooo many different types of businesses. If you weren't inspired, you were truly tripping. As a vendor we have to speak to the customers, let them know what we are selling and hope we leave with less product than we came with lol.

As a person that is socially awkward, it is sometimes difficult for me to talk to people. When I tell you that popup shops are the most difficult for me you have no idea. I legit get sweaty palms and my heart starts racing. The good thing is that I am always able to overcome it. By the time it is over I have met new people and have expanded the reach of my brand. 

Not Ordinary is bigger than me. It's about letting people know its okay to be who you are! Doing that, telling people not to comform and that I want them to be comfortable in their own skin is what makes the uncomfortable moments worth it. 

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